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I thought that as recipes have been few and far between since the oh so exciting Chickpea Bake … I should just forget about the food for a split second (if that’s possible) and share my ‘songs of the moment’. The four which have been spinning in my head are: 1. Yeasayer’s jubliant song O.N.E., […]

Well, that’s a long story. The foundation of my blogging silence is the fact that I’ve moved cities, I am now living in Sydney (see photo below for confirmation, I took it on my first ferry ride across the harbour)! The reason for my relocation is that drumroll I scored my DREAM JOB. I’m now […]

I’m in the middle of watching The Awful Truth with Cary Grant and Irene Dunn when out pops this nugget of wisdom from the mouth of Aunt Patsy (aka Cecil Cunningham)… You know what rebound is? That business of trying to get over one love by bouncing into love with somebody else? It’s fine, except […]

This cake is light, airy and obviously wind-bourne from heaven. It’s a bit of a twist on Martha Stewart’s Lemon Chiffon Cake which I discovered on the amazing 17 and Baking. I amped up the lime and decided to grace my new tube tin with its presence. Also… drum roll… I’ve finally done my first long version post, with […]

About a week ago I became obsessed with the idea of honey cake (some weird association between Winnie the Pooh and healthiness). Anyway I had a search around and found that, excluding Turkey and Backlava… the most culturally dominating honey soaked baking is to be found in Israel. Apparently honey cakes are a tradition for Jewish […]

I first made this salad on Christmas Day as it was perfectly color schemed for the festivities. Then I tasted it and was swept away by the lime, the bite of the onion, the salty tang of the feta and of course the pink of the melon. I pulled it out again to impress at yesterday’s […]

I had a job interview today and to destress myself afterwards decided to bake bread. I was going to post the recipe… but let’s just say a few more experiments are needed before I perfect it (it tastes great but could do with a facelift, or any type of lift actually – I think I […]