It is a truth universally acknowledged that a pea souffle is better cooked to Mozart…”

…plus have you ever tried muffins baked to the strains of Mumford & Sons? Or maybe a spicy bean soup bubbled to the voice of Ella Fitzgerald. TRUST ME – food tastes better when cooked to music.

Hi, I’m Hannah. I live in the sunshine on the bottom half of the globe – in a big fat continent called Australia. I’m about to transplant my life to London and before I go I’m frantically building my recipe horde… as I’ve heard home-cooked food is one of the main stalwarts against home sickness (and it helps in the making friends department – just think of the line ‘come back to my place and I’ll make you swedish dumplings’). And – confession time – it will be my first flight from the home nest. So, like a little fledgeling I’m learning to cook.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m a trained radio producer… who accidently cut off her sources to music. My car radio went bust and then – in a momentary lapse of sanity – I washed my iPod. In desperate need of some musical input I carted my laptop into the kitchen and blasted out music while cooking.

I do admit that sometimes it’s nice to cook to the sweet sound of silence. Plus some recipes are so quick that the first track is barely through and you’re done. But even you cooking purists, who believe that music DOES NOT belong in the kitchen, have to admit that you can’t make mince pies without Christmas carols. And if you go this far why not add Kings of Leon, Joy Division, Lily Allen, Phoenix or maybe even (and this is pushing it) ABBA to the mix?

In terms of music taste… I like to get a good dose of new stuff into the mix so I can do album reviews at the same time. But I do try to balance out indie newbies, with the Top 40 hits and of course the classics. I try to keep an open mind… but I will never, never, never cook to heavy metal music (the only thing you could make to it would be black pudding – and I’m sorry to sound narrow minded but NO black pudding is coming in my kitchen).

My music is sourced from 5 main places…
1. Triple J – simply the best radio station there is.
2. My little sister & friend Henrietta – the two people whose music taste I MOST trust in this whole wide world.
3. Pitchfork – great album reviews and if you feel out of the music loop go here.
4. We are Hunted – basically these guys have a giant computer which scans the net constantly for the most talked about bands and tracks, they then make an online music chart. Perfect.
5. The Top 100/Top 40/Top Whatever lists from radio stations around the globe… BBC Radio 1 Chart Show is my favorite as Australia (I’m sorry to say) is about 2 months behind if the song’s not indie.

And FINALLY my recipes are sourced from the books I love, the people I trust and random google searches… if you think my life is not worth living without having cooked and eaten something please send me the recipe.

Lots of love, The Cooking to Music Girl xoxo

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.”
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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