Where have I been…


Well, that’s a long story. The foundation of my blogging silence is the fact that I’ve moved cities, I am now living in Sydney (see photo below for confirmation, I took it on my first ferry ride across the harbour)!

The reason for my relocation is that drumroll I scored my DREAM JOB. I’m now working for triple j as a radio producer!!!! This amazing fact means I can indulge my love of music pretty much full time. Unfortunately it also means less time devoted to cooking up messes.

In the haze of crazy relocation I’ve just been cooking up my old favourites i.e. risotto+pasta. The capabilities of the sharehouse oven are yet to be fully tested in the baking arena, but I did cook a roast on Sunday and it was amazing… despite the fact that there are no temp measurements on the oven – just a burning gas flame blazing at the back!

But don’t despair I have got some AMAZING cookie recipes I haven’t blogged from the past month (that would be before the oven with the burning flame).


One Response to “Where have I been…”

  1. 1 gottadealaustralia

    i want to visit this place soon..


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