My four favourite songs right NOW


I thought that as recipes have been few and far between since the oh so exciting Chickpea Bake … I should just forget about the food for a split second (if that’s possible) and share my ‘songs of the moment’. The four which have been spinning in my head are:

1. Yeasayer’s jubliant song O.N.E., it makes me feel unreasonably happy with life. Plus it is also amazing for solo dance offs.

2. I love Chiddy Bang! Their song Opposite of Adults is awesome and incidentally it opens with a blatent rip from MGMT’s song Kids (whose new album, Congratulations is coming out next week, VERY divisive psychedelia). Anyways, back to Chiddy Bang… these two boys from Philidelphia are a bit cheeky but AWESOME. Be warned though, there is some hamster voice love in their song Never.

3. Whitley with his werewolf song KillerI’m starting to get over it now but this track was great during the stressful upheaval of city swapping.

4. Last but not least I have to bring up Washington. The coverart for the single How to tame lions is gorgeous.. plus it has the lyrics ‘you be my Arthur Miller, I’ll be your Marilyn Monroe’. How could you NOT love a song with those lyrics?


One Response to “My four favourite songs right NOW”

  1. 1 gottadealaustralia

    weird selection…


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