Chickpea Bake


Savoury crumble. For some reason it is one of those food concepts which just hasn’t taken off (hence my choice of ‘bake’ in the title), but 2 days ago I was seized with a desire to experiment.

Inspired by Nigel Slater’s comment that “…an onion, a can of chickpeas and another of tomatoes” can be a fair enough supper if oven-baked slowly with garlic, I set to work. Being experimentally brave I also decided to open the packet of sumac spice which had been sitting in the cupboard for far, far too long. 

Sumac (if you’re wondering) is a deep-red coloured spice used in Middle Eastern cooking to add a tart, almost lemony taste to meat or salad dishes. I was a little worried about its hithertoo unknown quantities – but as the dish got rave reviews from its eaters I will not be sumac shy again.

For Chickpeas
1 onion
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
1 400g can of diced tomatoes
1 400g can of tinned chickpeas
1/2 tsp sweet paprika
1/2 tsp tumeric
1/4 tsp chili powder
1 tsp sumac spice (optional)

For Crumble
50g wholemeal flour
25g cornmeal (if you don’t have it just use extra flour – but it won’t be golden)
75g rolled oats (not instant)
1/4 tsp baking powder
50g butter
squeeze of lemon juice

First up prepare the crumble as you want to chill this for at least 20 minutes. In a small bowl mix flour, cornmeal, oats and baking powder. Rub in the 50g of butter with you fingers until you’ve got a mixture resembling breadcrumbs (it’s easier if you’ve let the butter get soft and chopped it into cubes). Finally squeeze a little bit of lemon juice over the crumble, mix in and place in freezer for at least 20 minutes or more to chill.

Turn the oven to 160C/325F. Rub a baking dish (20x20cm is good) with one clove of mashed garlic and put it in the oven to warm up. In a small pan fry the diced onion with a dollop of olive oil. When the onion is soft, place it in the hot baking dish along with the drained chickpeas, spices and remaining garlic. Pop in the oven for 5-10 minutes, then add the diced tomatoes and give the mix a good stir. Leave in the oven for another 10 minutes, before sprinkling the chilled crumble on top. Cook for a further 15 minutes or until crumble is golden.

Source: My brain with some inspiration from Nigel Slater’s food column.

Best cooked to… The sad thing is I can’t remember what I cooked this to. But as I’m typing it up Sarah Brightman is singing in the background with the soul-quivering romantic Time to Say Goodbye.


8 Responses to “Chickpea Bake”

  1. Hi there!!
    i love your blog! the whole cooking to music concept is great (we listen to the, almost, same music)!!!!
    just wanted to say hi and let you know that i’ve change from blogspot to wordpress, so now i go by
    thanks so much for the comment you left the other day 🙂

    read you soon!


  2. ooh, can’t wait to try this. I’ve been all about casserole-esque dishes lately, and chickpeas are a favorite of mine.

  3. 3 wickesgirl

    Can’t wait for you to get some posts going Laura, your tweets are great! And Jessica, I think I was writing on ur blog the same time u were writing on mine… spooky coincidence.
    p.s. I ADORE chickpeas… they have such a cute shape.

  4. Hey there! I have to say I rather enjoy Your blog, it makes for an awesome Read! I hope to see more stories from you soon! Thanks!

  5. Hi, I’ve updated you on the Australian Food Blogs webpage

  6. We should get in touch. Are you an active user on top social networking sites like Digg, Facebook, or Stumble Upon? If so, what is your username so we can get in touch to share ideas.

  7. 7 Alex Anton

    Nice idea! I mean, music and food….nice! Hmmm…not quite sure what “cooking in teflon pans” would sound like and I mean, teflon is quite bad for one’s health if over heated to more that 220 Celsius degrees.
    So be aware, on any recipe, don’t overhead teflon.

  8. Аpρreciate thee recommendation. Lett me try it out.

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