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Chickpea Bake


Savoury crumble. For some reason it is one of those food concepts which just hasn’t taken off (hence my choice of ‘bake’ in the title), but 2 days ago I was seized with a desire to experiment. Inspired by Nigel Slater’s comment that “…an onion, a can of chickpeas and another of tomatoes” can be […]

This cake is simply and utterly amazing. The moist, apple texture is divine and it’s perfect dusted with icing sugar and cut into slabs. The recipe came from Deb at Smitten Kitchen and was her mother’s Jewish apple cake recipe. My family has firmly adopted it as their own and it will be reguarly served […]

Sometimes I am seized by a desire to make a certain recipe. These gorgeous puffs were lunch a few days ago, but they would be great for a party. You could even make them half the size if you’re going for the small nibbly look. Ingredients 280g/10 ounces frozen spinach 110g/4 ounces feta cheese, coarsey […]

Chewy Macaroons


These macaroons are more like chewy nougat then traditional macaroons. The magic of them is that the egg whites aren’t whisked… plus they’re gluten free, contain no oil or butter and are a one-bowl cooking affair which makes them just about perfect. To be 100% honest they’re not technically macaroons, their true name is hagdi badam […]

I’m in the middle of watching The Awful Truth with Cary Grant and Irene Dunn when out pops this nugget of wisdom from the mouth of Aunt Patsy (aka Cecil Cunningham)… You know what rebound is? That business of trying to get over one love by bouncing into love with somebody else? It’s fine, except […]

I should warn you that this recipe is not really grits in the ‘gritty’ sense of the word.  The truth is all I had in the house was cornmeal which had no grit potential whatsoever. But these smooth grits (is that an oxymoron?) were a perfect match with mushrooms sauteed in Spanish onion and a dash of red wine vinegar.   […]