Dregs of the Bottle Risotto


Taken by Little Idyll (click above to check out her flickr stream).

I made this the other day when it was just Mum and I home for lunch. My sister had left the dregs of a bottle of pink sparkling in the fridge. But the alcohol doesn’t have to have bubbles for this to taste delicious.

1 small stick of celery
2 leeks
75g butter
1 teaspoon olive oil
375ml champagne
750ml chicken/vegetable stock
250g arborio rice
10g parmesan, grated
ground white pepper

Chop the celery and white parts of the leek very finely. Melt 2/3rds of the butter with the oil in a sauce pan and cook gently until softened. In another saucepan pour in the champagne and chicken stock, keep on a slow simmer next to the risotto.

When the vegetables are soft, tip in the rice and stir until the granules are slicked and glossy. Turn up the heat and gradually start adding ladlefuls of champagney stock. Once the first ladleful is bubblingly absorbed, turn down slightly then add the next ladle. Keep on adding spoonful after spoonful, allowing it to absorb each time, before adding another.

Once the rice is cooked – 18/20 minutes – stop even if you’ve got stock left over. If the rice is cooked and you’ve run out wof water just add some boiling water.

Off the heat, beat in the remaining butter and the parmesan. Season with a good grinding of white pepper (stops it looking speckled).

Source: Feast by Nigella Lawson


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