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Two very different men plopped into my life today and they have the potential to change the way I cook, and therefore eat forever. First was Alton Brown, who I found through a twisted backroad of google searches. I spent the morning watching dozens of episodes from Good Eats and my high school chemistry, in his […]

Apple crumble is the stalwart dessert of Old English cooking. It’s hearty, warming and with this version deliciously aromatic. I love the apple slightly spicy and generally don’t sweeten them (unless they’re the green, tart kind). I also stew the apple prior to baking as this stops the dreaded drying out – the bane of any good […]

This cake is light, airy and obviously wind-bourne from heaven. It’s a bit of a twist on Martha Stewart’s Lemon Chiffon Cake which I discovered on the amazing 17 and Baking. I amped up the lime and decided to grace my new tube tin with its presence. Also… drum roll… I’ve finally done my first long version post, with […]

About a week ago I became obsessed with the idea of honey cake (some weird association between Winnie the Pooh and healthiness). Anyway I had a search around and found that, excluding Turkey and Backlava… the most culturally dominating honey soaked baking is to be found in Israel. Apparently honey cakes are a tradition for Jewish […]

I first made this salad on Christmas Day as it was perfectly color schemed for the festivities. Then I tasted it and was swept away by the lime, the bite of the onion, the salty tang of the feta and of course the pink of the melon. I pulled it out again to impress at yesterday’s […]

Yesterday was Australia Day! In true Aussie style there was a massive barbecue at my friend’s house, a giant paddling pool, lots of beer and the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown booming in the background (it’s the biggest music poll in the world – searching for the best songs of 2009). I took a couple of salads, […]

I had a job interview today and to destress myself afterwards decided to bake bread. I was going to post the recipe… but let’s just say a few more experiments are needed before I perfect it (it tastes great but could do with a facelift, or any type of lift actually – I think I […]